Brighten the eyes of Thailand

Wisdom of Technology Global coverage using the functions of the public Internet to provide quality
television programming and services for users in Thailand. In relative to traditional television, the new
technology enables wider coverage, lower cost, and enhanced personalization features.

Wisdom of Experience Wisdom of the various human-computer interaction techniques and the multi-
screen linkage function makes television viewing experience more user-friendly, allowing users to enjoy
better TV service with a much more pleasant visual experience.

Wisdom of Content Excellent selection of television content from Thailand, the US, Europe,
Mainland China, Hong Kong, and many other countries that are specifically tailored our users. We aim
to meet the demands for domestic and international quality contents by gradually integrating shows
and services into the mainstream society. In the end, we wish to be the bridge for the cross-cultural
communications platform by opening up Thailand to the world, and opening up the world to Thailand.

Pass Along Knowledge, Pass Along Happiness!