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TOT Public Company Limited (TOT), is a Thai state-owned  telecommunications company. TOT was originally established in 1954, and corporatized in 2002. TOT's main line of business is fixed line telephony although it has several other businesses, including mobile  telephony and high-speed broadband.

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iTV Media is a leading interactive, IP-based network solutions company  and service provider, specializing in iDTV, IPTV, Internet TV and Broadband services. The company partners with cable television and telecom system operators in both emerging and established markets, around the world.

iTV Media enables its partners to rapidly deploy revenue-generating access services, using their existing network infrastructure, while providing a migration path to cost-efficient, end-to-end IP networks. iTV Media is building and operating a worldwide Internet TV broadcasting platform, with the aim to enable the network operator / partner to provide high quality multi-screen TV services at low cost.


T&C LLC provides strategic and operational advising services for media and media platforms worldwide. AlphaMEDIA is a multi-faceted media company with global sales and distribution operations, cable and IP television assets, plus international production and animation operations.

The T&C LLC / Alpha Media management team has developed, programmed and launched many well known platforms around the world including:

•   UPC (Europe)
•   DIRECTV Japan
•   Liberty Global’s Zuku TV (Africa)
•   DIRECTV Latin America
•   Chellomedia (Europe)
•Austar (Australia)
•Pramer S.C.A. (Argentina)
•Liberty Cablevision (Puerto Rico)
•Liberty Global (Europe)
•VTR Globalcom (Chile)
•ARA International (Middle East)
•United International Holdings (Australasia)



GMM Grammy Public Co., Ltd. is a leader in entertainment and multimedia business in Thailand. They create, produce and distribute music and are engaged in commercial spot, television, radio, and publishing businesses.

To the present day RS has been in the entertainment business, entertaining countless number of audiences and fans nationwide for over 25 years. They have coverage of the entertainment content such as, Records making, Radio Broadcast, T.V., Publishing, Sports, Digital and Showbiz.